The Natural Beauty of Alkaline


The new wave in clean and natural beauty is alkalinity. The aim is to balance the pH throughout the body.  In your diet, your skin, hair and the mouth, a pH below 7 is considered acidic while above it Alkaline. In an alkaline environment, the microbiome is balanced as healthy bacteria thrive and stress to the body is reduced.  

The most effective beauty care comes from within. Nourishing our bodies with alkaline-forming foods, such as vegetables and healthy fats, provides us with the nutrients necessary to build healthy tissue such as glowing-flawless skin and a balanced microbiome.  A balanced microbiome boosts immunity and metabolism and helps us to synthesize vitamins, minerals and neurotransmitters such as serotonin. Serotonin is the feel good neurotransmitter and an all important factor for optimal health, beauty, and wellness.

raw-uncooked-salmon-fillet-steaks-with-vegetables-PF94ZM3-minBeauty Care Equals Self-care

Alkaline lifestyle practices, such as moving our bodies and meditating, also contribute to our beauty care. When we exercise we purify the body from toxins and improve blood circulation, which produces better skin texture and overall health. Meditation helps us manage everyday stress. Stress increases an inflammatory process in the body, therefore, meditation will decrease stress and associated inflammation and increase alkalinity.

Beauty care equals self-care. Caring for your own body and mental health empowers you to be in charge and in control of your own health. Science is now showing us that we have the ability to turn on or off genes that are responsible for illness. This field is called Epigenetics. With this knowledge we now know, we can rejuvenate our bodies on an everyday basis based on how we treat and feed our bodies.

For some people self-care comes as a nice cup of tea, a bubble bath or a bubbly drink; for others at a yoga class. I invite you to create healthy habits that provide self-care. A nutritious and alkaline breakfast containing a source of fiber, protein, and healthy fats is another practice high on my beauty-care list. We need to re-learn how to slow down and literally smell the flowers! Let’s renew our relationship with ourselves by taking very good care of our bodies, minds and souls.

Recommendations From a Holistic Nutritionist

My best recommendation to improve your beauty-care is to drink a glass of warm lemon water on an empty stomach. Lemon is acidic in nature but highly alkaline after digestion, improving digestion and the body’s ability to flush out toxins. Lemon’s acidity can damage teeth’s enamel, however, do not shy away from its health benefits, as all you need to do is buffer your saliva using Alka-White® 5 Day Oral Cleanse.

Swishing and brushing with Alka-White®, brightens  your teeth while supporting the healthy environment so crucial to radiant skin.  I consistently use it as a core part of my beauty-care regimen, as it contains natural ingredients such as mint and coconut oil that buffer saliva and balance the oral microbiome. AlkaWhite® Alkaline Oral Cleanse makes it very easy to improve your oral health while not disrupting your oral and gut microbiota.