Natural Tooth Whitening Mouthwash

ALKA-WHITE mouthwash is the first effervescent natural tooth whitening mouthwash that also works as an acidic mouth treatment. The Fluoride-free portable tablets can be used anywhere and anytime. This is your all-in-one solution for natural tooth whitening and dental wellness for adults and children. The alkaline delivery system promotes an optimal oral pH and is an essential component of acidic mouth treatment. Acidic saliva causes root erosion, sensitivity, and bad breath.

Effective Acidic Mouth Treatment

Dental caries, also known as tooth decay or cavities, is a breakdown of teeth due to bacterial acid activity on sugars and food debris. Acids from the bacterial biofilm cause demineralization, dissolving enamel mineral content and exposing dentin tubules. The process can be reversed naturally by following an alkaline diet, staying hydrated, and neutralizing (raising pH) with an alkaline rinse.

Oral saliva plays an important role in digestion and is an indication of overall systemic health. Alkaline saliva (pH 7.2 or higher) allows teeth to remineralize, thereby preventing and sometimes curing caries. It also freshens breath and fights "burning mouth syndrome" without the use of sugary perfumes or glycerin. Existing products only mask oral acidity with fluoride or abrasive chemicals which do not promote a healthier oral environment. Our unique combination of ingredients and effects can further assist with healing of the mouth due to a variety of causes.

Holistic and Natural Ingredients

ALKA-WHITE is the natural tooth whitening mouthwash and acidic mouth treatment that is:

Not tested on animals
Made in America
Created by a holistic dentist.

ALKA-WHITE's active ingredients are Baking Soda, Coconut oil, Tea Tree oil and Peppermint. There is also a version with the addition of Turmeric and Ginger. The 30 tablet one month supply includes a FREE pH kit so you can monitor your saliva acidity.


Place one tablet in a glass of water, allow it to effervesce and then rinse 2-3 times.  Brush you teeth with the remainder and enjoy! Watch the video bellow to learn more! 


Dr. Lewis Gross, director and owner of Holistic Dentists for 35+ years, started to notice an increase in acidic saliva among his patients. Acidic saliva is detrimental to an individual’s mouth as it may demineralize teeth and result in tooth decay and erosion. To prevent his patients from acidic saliva and its horrible affects, Dr. Lewis Gross has formulated a natural and organic mouthwash that alkalizes the oral saliva, whitens teeth and freshens breath.

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