The Science Behind Alka-White® 

Through dozens of trials we worked with the highest quality natural ingredients to achieve a product that is not only effective, but completely safe for use well beyond the 5-day cleanse – it’s great for every day!



Anti-acid, Whitener, Tooth cleanser

Also known as baking soda, sodium bicarbonate works hard to fight against halitosis–bad breath–gum disease, and mouth sores, while promoting whiter teeth. For a healthier mouth, Sodium Bicarbonate effectively rebalances levels of acid and helps to inhibit the growth of plaque



Sodium Carbonate is an alkali with excellent pH levels. This alkali is what gives our products its effervescent effects. Sodium Carbonate also has anticaries that prevent the formation of malignant bacteria in one’s mouth. Caries, also known as cavities, cause the decaying of teeth.



Magnesium aids in the absorption and retention of calcium, making teeth harder, helping to build strong enamel preventing the formation of cavities or sensitivity due to erosion.



Potassium is one of the essential minerals required by the body. It both improves overall bone and tooth mineral density and works with magnesium to prevent blood from becoming too acidic, which leach calcium from your bones and teeth.


May reduce the risk of dental caries

Xylitol helps to keep a neutral pH level within the mouth while protecting teeth from forms of tooth decay. Xylitol also fights against acid-causing bacteria and with time, can heal damaged enamel. In addition to its oral health benefits, Xylitol is also a natural sweetener.


Freshens breath

Peppermint oil helps to freshen breath while giving our alkaline mouthwash tablet its delightful, minty flavor.


May reduce the risk of plaque and tartar buildup*

Coconut oil has a variety of wonderful benefits for the human body and oral health. Coconut oil can fight against harmful bacteria that can cause plaque, tooth decay, and gum disease.



Like coconut oil, tea tree oil has numerous benefits for the human body and oral health. Tea tree oil acts as an antiseptic and can relieve tooth pain that’s associated with gum infections.

Research Resources

Learn more about ALKAWHITE® through research that supports the dental benefits of the ingredients.

Recent Alka-White® Study

In a recent study to determine the effectiveness of Alka-White’s alkaline mouthwash tablet–Alka-White Mint and Alka-White Turmeric–the Holistic Dentists of Manhattan, New York ran a series of tests to see if these two products truly yield beneficial results on the oral cavity. During this study, two test groups were assigned–one for each of Alka-White’s products. With a total of 72 patients (41 with Alka-White Mint and 31 for Alka-White Turmeric), researchers asked each to rinse for 30 seconds with 100 milliliters of water and one full tablet of Alka-White’s dry alkaline mouthwash tablet solution. They discovered that with just one, thirty-second rinse, both of these alkaline mouthwash tablets efficiently alkalized the oral cavity, whitened teeth, and freshened the breath of the patients within each test group. Additionally, researchers found that the Alka-White alkaline mouthwash tablet increased the pH of oral saliva by 1.26 and 1.5. In all, 92.7% of Alka-White Mint users and 93.5% of Alka-White Turmeric users claimed that they noticed their teeth were whiter after using the oral care tablet, while 97.5% of Alka-White Mint and 96.8% of Alka-White Turmeric claimed that their breath was much fresher after use.

With these results, researchers are determined to conduct more studies to determine the long-term results this innovative alkaline mouthwash tablet yields.

Published Study Proves Alka-White® Alkaline Mouthwash Tablet is a Safe, Natural and Effective Teeth Whitener.