Alka-White Alkaline Mouthwash New Beauty Report
natural whitening product feature

September 2018

Alka-White was featured in the print edition of the NewBeauty Beauty Report in September 2018. Alka-White appeared next to other natural whitening products as the leader in on-the-go.

Beauty Independent | Alka White Beauty Entrepreneurs
beauty Entrepreneurs share learned lessons

August 21, 2018

Read every contract 10 times and then another 10 times. Lewis Gross, founder of Alka-White: “Getting stuck in a bad partnership can burn months off the early days of a new business. Just because someone says a service is provided or that you can exit a contract when you like, don’t take it for granted. Get references, speak with their previous clients and make sure everything is in writing.”

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Alka-White Alkaline Mouthwash
Back To School Must Haves

August 3, 2018

Believe it or not, the school year is just around the corner. Entertainment and lifestyle expert Josh McBride stopped by with must-have items your kids need to get through the school year. Josh talked about Alka-White mouthwash tablets as an easy to use natural whitener for kids and adults.

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Bella New York Magazine |  Alka White
what’s in my bag: 4th of July edition

July 10, 2018

Alka-White was featured in the Bella New York Magazine’s monthly “What’s in my bag.” Alka-White is Tara’s on-the-go mouthwash and natural whitening.

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The Moment | Alka-White Alkaline Mouthwash
To The Teeth Product Feature

July 2018

The Moment is featured Alka-White in their “To The Teeth” article on non-toxic oral care products. The author talks about the importance of oral pH and how coconut oil plays a role in Alka-White mouthwash tablets.

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Alka-White Alkaline Mouthwash purist
breath Health with Dr. Lewis Gross

June 2018

The Purist did a feature article with Dr. Lewis Gross on breath health in June of 2018. The article talks about the importance of pH balance in combatting bad breath.

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