Stress creates cellular acidity. And as with any other condition, it affects your whole body – from the way that you “feel in general”, your mood, as well as your physicality, your strength, your energy and – surprise, this imbalance also plays out in your mouth.

Your oral health starts with pH balance. So when your body is out of balance,  IT STANDS TO REASON YOUR MOUTH IS TOO.

The way back may be easier than you think.  In fact, you have a lot of very pleasant options in front of you that will not only balance your body, mind and psyche but actually improve how you spend your time. 

Creating restorative rituals to re-balance your mind-body connection begins with doing things as easy as going to bed early, sleeping later, meditating, taking luxurious long baths, exercising, enjoying nature, spending time with your partner, your best friend, your pet – anything or anyone that makes you FEEL good is the first step toward centering, and putting stress, the traffic jam of your life, into the rearview mirror.

Put Stress, the traffic jam of your life, IN THE REARVIEW MIRROR


To start, detoxify and alkalize your mouth. By doing the Alka-White® 5-Day Alkaline Oral Cleanse™ you literally set the stage for the mouth & body to work holistically and thus begin healing.



By keeping pH neutral for 5-days you have taken a major step toward sustaining  your oral and overall health and well-being! 



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