You’ve been preparing for this day forever.  Hair, make-up, flowers, dress, bridesmaids, menu–but what have you done to prepare your MOUTH for this perfect day?

Think about it, you will probably never smile more in your life–from the pure joy at being surrounded by friends and family as you walk down the aisle, to toasting your new husband or wife.

Your WEDDING PICTURES will be shared with  your guests, your bridesmaids, online and off, as well as be passed on to your children and grandchildren.


And it just might be easier than you think (and a lot less expensive than champagne!)


The very first thing is to make sure your mouth is pH balanced.

Alka-White®, the 5-Day Alkaline Oral Cleanse™ is the  way to combat the acid erosion that occurs as a result of nearly everything you eat and drink.  Even that juice cleanse that you are taking so that your body will look perfect in your wedding dress contains acids (citrus fruits, tomatoes, vinegar) and need to be counterbalanced with an oral detox.

As your wedding approaches, we recommend a 5-day cleanse two months before it,  followed by a second cleanse in the 5-days leading up to your wedding. We have found that 5-days is the optimal amount of time needed to reset your mouth so that it is at its peak of health and beauty.

Clearly the days leading up to, including your wedding day, are going to involve a glass of champagne (or two) as well as there will undoubtedly be a few cocktails to be had on your honeymoon. The acid in liquor and even the mixers (a little tomato juice in a bloody mary, lime in your margarita, orange juice in your mai tai—are all  assaults on the health of your mouth….but again…

Alka-White® is all you need….besides love that is!


Alka-White® supports a healthy microbiome, essential to gum health and more importantly, good breath, and is free of toxic chemicals like fluoride. And thinking about whitening right before the big day? Don’t! Instead, whiten a week ahead of time and then follow-up with Alka-White® to fight  sensitivity. seal in your results, and extend them to the honeymoon and beyond.

Alka-White® is easy and effective. Just say I do and live in health from this day forward.

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