The most effective beauty care is not about covering up with Cover Girl.   It’s about discovering how to care for yourself from the inside out.

Nourishing our bodies with alkaline-forming foods, such as vegetables and healthy fats, provides us with the nutrients necessary to build healthy tissue, glowing-flawless skin, bright eyes, and a balanced microbiome.

Did you know that a balanced microbiome boosts immunity, metabolism, and helps to synthesize vitamins, minerals and neurotransmitters such as serotonin – the feel good neurotransmitter and an all important factor for optimal health, beauty, and wellness – and the mouth is the second largest microbiome in your body?

While the eyes may be the windows to our souls, it may surprise you to find that your MOUTH is the window to your health.

A healthy mouth is one that is pH balanced and alkaline. Heighted oral acidity can arise from evan the most careful diet and especially from acidic things like tea, wine, and even your detoxifying juice cleanse. It’s important to pH balance the mouth or risk damage to your teeth and gums.

Use Alka-White®, The 5-Day Alkaline Oral Cleanse™, the easy way to combat the acid erosion resulting from everything you eat and drink. 

Alka-White- Lifestyle Shoot

Alka-White®, enhances your natural holistic beauty regimen. It supports the good bacteria in your mouth, contains no silica (an abrasive ingredient meant to eradicate stains that can also hurt the enamel) and is also fluoride-free. Alka-White® contains natural ingredients such as peppermint, teatree & coconut oils as well as xylitol to maintain a healthy oral microbiome.

Of course when it comes to a discussion about beauty and the mouth, the question on everyone’s lips is whitening—to do or not to do? 

If you whiten, will your gums redden? Will your smile show signs of gum recession, and actually leave you in pain? well…Alka-White® is your best friend because it helps prepare your mouth before your whitening so teeth & gums are less sensitive to the process. And by using it post whitening, you are actually enhancing your procedure as well as extending its results. 

And perhaps the most BEAUTIFUL thing about Alka-White® is that it’s all you need!


Alka-White® is the best of both worlds–it swishes LIKE a mouthwash to get into all the crevices to clean and pH balance your whole mouth.  Unlike mouthwash that is filled with alcohol, which can dry out dental work and weaken your teeth, Alka-White® does it all while supporting the healthy oral  environment so crucial to radiant skin–yes, SKIN! The body is all connected and Alka-White was developed on that premise. Alka-White® is THE holistic solution toward naturally achieving a healthy and beautiful whole self.  

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