Alka-White® The Alkaline Oral Cleanse™ could not be easier. From the ground up we designed our products to work with the way we all live our lives.  Lightweight, easy to use, and incredibly simple – just 5-days is all it takes for a new, naturally healthy and alkaline mouth!


The realities of the world physically wear down on our teeth every day.  Break the cycle. In sustaining a balanced and even elevated pH, ALKA-WHITE allows your teeth begin reabsorbing natural minerals like magnesium and potassium to create stronger, brighter teeth that are less prone to sensitivity and cavities.

pH Balancing

In oral care it’s a constant battle between the good bacteria that fight inflammation or aid digestion and those that cause foul breath or worse decay. But there’s a pretty clear demarcation. Good bacteria thrive in an alkaline environment – start creating yours today with the 5-Day Alkaline Oral Cleanse™.


Lifestyle goes beyond just the foods we eat, our beverages of choice and our workout habits. Consider the medications we take. Many types can cause dry mouth, chronic bad breath – and that doesn’t even address the symptoms from whatever sickness may ail us.  ALKA-WHITE supports your oral & overall health.

Alka-White® Alkaline Oral Cleanse