Juice cleanses – absolutely great for the body – they give the digestive track a break from the breaking up food and offer the nutrients you need in a way that is easy to absorb.

But there may be a slip between the lip and the cup.


How are these juices affecting your oral health? And what can you do to ensure and maintain a healthy oral environment while you are creating a healthy systemic one?

The fact is, many juice cleanses, even those that call themselves alkaline, are in the short term creating an acidic oral environment. Many include ingredients that are obviously acidic–citrus being one example – but almost all of them can leave latent sugars and carbs that might be broken down by bacteria – potentially leaving an acidic oral environment. Additionally, ANY change to your diet often prompts the body to increase stomach acid production, inevitably affecting the mouth.

The solution, and the way to ensure that your 

juice cleanse is working on all cylinders, 


Alka-White- Lifestyle Shoot

The 5-Day Alkaline Oral Cleanse™, taken in tandem with your juice cleanse, pH balances your oral microbiome, ensuring that you maintain oral health as you seek to enhance and maintain your overall health.


And just as you see and feel the very real benefits to your body, from your juice cleanse you will also see and feel the benefits of Alka-White®,  the cleanse for your mouth. Detoxifying, remineralizing and vegan, the benefits are healthier gums, pH balance, better breath (who wants kale breath?) and a more confident smile.

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