Over the last 35 years Dr. Lewis Gross, a groundbreaking advocate for holistic dentistry has looked into LOTS of mouths.

And what he finds often has the power to surprise even him.

“People are getting cavities later in life, drinking more acidic beverages like coffee than ever before – developing high levels of acid in the mouth which erodes enamel and creates bad breath.

Ironically, at the same time, we are as a society, more health conscious and aware about the rest of our bodies. Everyone can tell you they should be exercising, eating right, doing cleanses, finding work/life balance to maintain physical and mental equilibrium.

I looked at my own habits – and those of my wife and three adult sons and realized…we all know better but sometimes, you just want to have that glass of wine or double shot of espresso. And that’s why I developed Alka-White® The Alkaline Oral Cleanse™.”

Alka-White® is a one of a kind, revolutionary pH balancing 5-day oral cleanse. It’s the holistic solution for better breath, healthier gums, and a more confident smile. 


For the way we all really live

But perhaps the most important thing about Alka-White® is that its made for you and with your real lifestyle at its core.

We created Alka-White® with the understanding that you ARE going to have occasions where your food and drink choices – even your medications – can create an acidic environment in your mouth.

We also made the 5-day Alkaline Oral Cleanse™ totally simple to use so it seamlessly fits into your daily regime.

Unlike many other cleanses, Alka-White® does not ask you to change the way you eat, think and drink. It is in fact made to help restore your mouth’s alkalinity and health in response to how everyone actually eats and drinks.

After all, who do you know that doesn’t start their day off with a coffee, some juice or fruit, have another coffee or two as the day goes on and look forward to a beer or glass of wine with friends?

Holistic Approach

As Dr. Lewis Gross has seen over the years – “People want to do the best they can to maintain oral health. We created Alka-White® in response to that need. People also don’t want to spend a lot of time with complicated procedures to get there. In the Alkaline Oral Cleanse™, we’re pretty sure you’ll find the perfect balance between effort and efficacy.”

Alka-White® Executive Board

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DR. LEWIS GROSS – Co-founder & CEO

Dr. Gross has served lower Manhattan as both a holistic dental practitioner and family oriented, community steward since 1979. The diversity of his NYC patients, his experiences with family and friends, and a deep expertise in general and specialty dental care all inspired him and proved the necessity for a new solution in oral care. An Assistant Professor of Oral Pathology at his alma mater, Columbia University, he also provided counsel to the New York City Medical Examiner’s Office. Dr. Gross further spends much of his time speaking and writing about The Alkaline Oral Cleanse™ and its positive impact on systemic health.

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ARDEN GARDELL – Co-founder & COO

An avid adventurer and constant innovator, Arden brings a distinct ability to bridge industry-specific concepts, creating unexpected and inspiring solutions. A student at The Bronx High School of Science during 9/11, Arden found his way to Roger Williams University where he secured dual majors in Psychology &  Biology. His diverse work experience includes hospitality management, regional politics, and operations management for a national online retailer. Working with Alka-White® since its inception, Arden manages every component of the business including research, marketing, sales, and team building.



Tracey Gardell brings a wealth of capital expertise to the Alka-White® team. Well versed in the difficulties of small business and start-ups – Tracey proved an essential asset in keeping Alka-White® on a sustainable path during its inception and continues to influence and guide all major decisions within the brand.

Alka-White® Advisors

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ANAMARIA PONTES – Advisor on Holistic Nutrition

As an Integrative Nutritionist who uses Ayurvedic principles and treatments to guide her clients to transform themselves, Anamaria provides nutrition counseling and a high level of support towards developing a sound and nurturing a relationship with food. After discovering Alka-White® during the brand’s earliest days, Anamaria found the ease and efficacy to be a huge benefit in her own practice. She now consults with us.

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KARL DIXON, RDH – Advisor on Holistic Dental Hygiene

Karl Dixon goes beyond providing cleanings by educating patients as to how they can improve their daily oral hygiene routines and lifelong oral health. In addition to his work as a dental hygienist, Karl serves as an adjunct instructor of oral hygiene at New York University’s School of Dentistry. Karl Dixon serves on the advisory board for Alka-White® and as an educator to the public and dental industry.