Here’s Why Alkaline Should Replace Fluoride

Why Alkaline Should Replace Flouride | Alka White | Fluoride in Pregnant Women

Researchers have shown that higher levels of fluoride in pregnant women’s urine can be linked to lower test scores on cognitive function tests. The results are from a study published last September and showed “lower scores on tests of cognitive function” for children aging from 4 to 12. Dr. Phil Connett of Fluoride Action Network feels that adding fluoride to the water in municipalities is a violation of their rights and a remnant of older less safe times, where leaded gasoline, asbestos, and PCB were common practices too.

Dr. Lewis Gross of the Tribeca Center for Holistic Dentistry, feels that while certain benefits can be seen in children from fluoride that adults do not share the same benefits. He believes that there are much more cost-effective ways to get those benefits to children and adults would benefit much more from dietary and oral hygiene changes much more than fluoride.