Tooth Remineralization: Natural Way to Cure Cavities


If you’ve ever been told anything about tooth enamel by your dentist, then you’ve probably been told that once your enamel is gone, then there’s no getting it back. Additionally, if you’ve ever had a cavity, then you’ve probably had to get them filled because your dentist told you there was no other way to fix the problem. However, research is building to change this thought process. CAMBRA risk assessment is evidence-based and should be combined with an alkaline diet and buffering oral pH.

There are actually natural ways to reverse cavities. In fact, your teeth are designed to regrow and heal themselves, just like the other bones and tissue in your body. But, just like those other bones and tissue, your diet has a significant impact on how well your teeth can heal. This healing process is called remineralization. The term remineralization describes the way enamel reforms in cases of incipient decay and the exposed roots, where the gums have receded from cervical erosion.

Although research on tooth remineralization has been going on since the 1930’s, many dentists still have not adopted better procedures for dealing with cavities and root decay. The early research found that teeth are not completely solid. Instead, the enamel covering your teeth is porous, which allows for minerals to make their way to your teeth and rebuild them. The root surface is even softer and much more susceptible to acids and abrasion.

The main minerals that make up your teeth and contribute to tooth remineralization are calcium and phosphate. Therefore, an ideal diet for tooth remineralization includes:

  • Dairy, which is rich in calcium and phosphorous
  • Seafood rich in calcium, such as sardines, salmon and whitefish
  • Nuts and vegetables
  • Foods rich in vitamins D and K2, such as egg yolks and cheese
  • Food rich in magnesium, such as black beans, avocado, and salmon

Acidic Forming Foods Reverse Tooth Remineralization

However, if you consistently consume acidic foods and beverages, then this negates the positive effects the foods listed above could offer. This is because of acidic foods imbalance the mouth’s pH levels, which promotes the growth of harmful bacteria in the mouth. If there are too much harmful bacteria in your mouth, then all those minerals that could assist in tooth remineralization are destroyed before they ever penetrate your enamel.

Although most cavities can remineralize, not all of them can. First and foremost, if you don’t consistently adhere to a healthy diet that promotes enamel health, then your teeth will never get the chance to remineralize. Furthermore, if the cavity has penetrated the dentin layer of your teeth, you have lost your chances to remineralize and will need a filling.

Alkaline Oral Cleanse for Remineralization

We developed our Alka-White™ 5-Day Alkaline oral cleanse  to help people remineralize their teeth naturally. A combination of a healthy diet and a daily alkaline mouthwash rinse can significantly increase your chances of healing that cavity naturally. Take advantage of the offer below on your first order!

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