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30 Tablets

View our 30-tablet alkaline mouthwash package options. We offer both mint and turmeric tablets in easy, portable containers. Manage your oral health on the go, making sure your teeth don’t suffer throughout the day.

Alka-White tablets are a fast, portable way to manage your oral alkaline environment. Alka-white combats the challenges faced by an acidic oral environment, heavily impacting overall dental wellness by raising the salivary pH; furthermore, providing sustained oral alkalinity.

Chronic exposure to acidic foods and beverages, many of which are commonly found in the standard American diet, is a huge underlying threat to the dental health of most individuals. Oral acidity occurs in a few different ways. Foods and beverages with a pH lower than 7 will affect salivary pH, but the main culprit affecting tooth decay is the acidic waste products of certain mouth-dwelling anaerobic germs.

Alka-White natural teeth whitening mouthwash is the perfect solution for sustained oral alkalinity and overall dental wellness due to its specific inclusion of certain powerhouse ingredients which allow it to neutralize acidic post-meal waste and provide the ideal environment for teeth to remineralize. Neutralizing the acids and furthermore alkalizing the oral pH after an acidic challenge will lead to strong teeth, and a healthy white smile.