CREATE NEW REVENUE STREAMS FOR YOUR PRACTICE! Whether you are a dentist, hygienist, or office manager, look no further than the Alka-White® Dental Affiliate Program. Alka-White® makes it easy for the modern practice to generate income without the hassle of stocking inventory. Just share your offices unique coupon codes for deep discounts to the patients, and substantial commissions for the practice!


  • Free Membership!
  • Personalized 25% OFF coupon for use by your patients or anyone you choose.
  • You receive a 25% commission on orders made by your patients and anyone else who uses your customized coupon code.
  • 45-Day Cookie Duration.
  • Complimentary products & marketing material to help promote.


  • Must be an actively operating office with active patients list.
  • Submissions for involvement must have approval of licensed practice owner.


  1. Sign up with the affiliate program link below.
  2. Each applicant will be review within 72 hours.
  3. Approved affiliates are delivered a personalized coupon code that immediately be used to promote in the practice, through email, or even to use social sites or blogs.
  4. Marketing materials will be shipped within 48 hours of approval and resupplied as needed.

Please review our affiliate terms and conditions here.

Have Questions?

Or maybe your practice would prefer to stock Alka-White® for direct retail sales and higher profits? For our wholesale price list or any other questions, we invite you to contact Arden Gardell, our co-founder:



How much does it cost to join the dental affiliate program?

Alka-White® Mouthwash, LLC’s dental affiliate program is absolutely free to join. There are no hidden fees and you may opt out anytime you wish.

How much commission do you pay?

The standard commission for dental affiliates on the product is 25%.

Can I refer myself?

Short answer- No. If you join our dental affiliate program solely to refer yourself, your affiliate account will be terminated, and no commissions for those sales will be awarded.

If you plan on buying our products to sell as retail products in your practice, please contact

I reside outside of the U.S. Can I become a dental affiliate?

Most likely- yes, you can still become a dental affiliate! We welcome dental affiliates in most countries around the world and invite you to submit your application for approval

When and how do you send out affiliate payments?

Commissions accrued are paid to dental affiliatesdepending on their withdrawal settings in the program. Affiliates can be paid when they reach the required minimum amount of $50.

We will hold your payment until your account reaches at least $50 in commissions.

Does Alka-White® use third-party tracking cookies?

Yes, Alka-White does use third-party tracking cookies.